Going to VMworld, Oracle Open World, or OpenStack Summit in Paris? You could attend OpenStack Silicon Valley for Free

by David M. Fishman

OpenStack is designed to help IT organizations struggling to bridge silos, by delivering common interfaces that help consumers of those technologies build a common, more versatile fabric. Think of it as “the new best-of-breed” (more on what I mean by that here). That’s why we’ve partnered with leading enterprise companies like VMware and Oracle , and why Mirantis is sponsoring both VMworld in San Francisco and Oracle Open World.

Trying to decide which to attend? Let’s do away with that problem. Today, we’re announcing a limited time, limited-number offer: if you’re buying (or already bought) a pass to attend either Oracle OpenWorld, VMworld, or the Paris OpenStack summit, drop us a line and you could get a free seat to come to OpenStack Silicon Valley. All you have to do is send your paid event confirmation to one of the following 3 email addresses, respectively:

  • Going to VMworld in San Francisco later this month? Send your paid VMworld confirmation to vmworld[at]openstacksv.com
  • Going to Oracle Open World in San Francisco in September? Send your paid OOW confirmation to oow[at]openstacksv.com
  • Going to Paris for the OpenStack summit in November? Send your paid confirmation to paris-summit[at]openstacksv.com

Naturally, certain restrictions apply; we’re offering these passes to paid attendees to our partner conferences. And we’ve only got a limited number of free slots; it’s first come, first served.

Of course, you can still get a great deal and save $100 on early bird pricing for regular spots at OpenStack Silicon Valley. And you can get an even better deal by checking with our sponsors; they can offer you an additional discount.




  • […] I’m going to talk more about OpenStack’s role in the software-defined economy at OpenStack Silicon Valley, a community event taking place at the Computer History Museum on September 16. Specifically, I’ll look at the role that infrastructure agility plays in the software-defined economy. You can register here, and if you’re attending VMworld, Oracle OpenWorld or the Paris Summit, you can get in free. […]