2014 Keynote Videos & Presentations


Agenda and Megathemes for the Day

Alex Freedland | Mirantis Co-founder and Board Member of OpenStack Foundation


Looking ahead: OpenStack, Eucalyptus, Open Source, Enterprise and the cloud?

Martin Fink | EVP and CTO, HP | Marten Mickos | CEO, Eucalyptus Hewlett Packard has announced plans to acquire Eucalyptus. Martin Fink and Marten Mickos present a look ahead at what this holds for open source, the cloud, the enterprise and OpenStack.

Lightning Talk Ken Ross | Director of Product Management, Brocade


The Software Defined Economy

Jonathan Bryce | Executive Director, OpenStack Foundation No matter what size your organization is, it’s not moving fast enough. Software innovation is make-or-break. If infrastructure isn’t part of the solution, it’s part of the problem.

Lightning Talk Harshal Pimpalkhute | Product Marketing, A10 Networks


Policy for the Cloud Frontier

Martin Casado | CTO of Networking, VMware Automation is great. Everyone loves the promise of all cloud operations codified as running programs tirelessly doing the work of dozens of operators. read more…

Unfortunately, today we can only automate infrastructure and applications—automation that is necessary but insufficient for removing humans from the cloud control loop. Humans still need to interact with cloud to make it obey business policies—ideals for cloud behavior that are more concerned with business logic, regulations, security, risk management, and cost optimization than infrastructure and applications. As a result, the policy layer presents a new challenge in our quest for cloud automation. In this talk, I will discuss the policy problem and why it is an emerging area we should focus on. I will then discuss Congress, an OpenStack effort to create an open policy framework to help us as a community step into this new frontier.

Lightning Talk Jennifer Lin | Juniper Networks


The lie of the Benevolent Dictator; the truth of a working democratic meritocracy

Randy Bias | CEO and Founder, Cloudscaling You’ve all heard the refrain: “OpenStack can’t do X because there is no benevolent dictator as with Linux.” The problem is not with the governance model. read more…

The real problem is OpenStack’s current governance trajectory. How should a democratic meritocracy work? Can grass-roots organization self-govern? Do we need many mini-me benevolent dictators, one for each program? In this keynote I will identify the two key issues that are holding OpenStack back from more rapid success, and I will explore possible solutions. This call to arms will be frank, open to debate and critical to OpenStack’s future.

Lightning Talk Chris Kemp | Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Nebula


OpenStack 2016: Boom or Bust?

Adrian Ionel | CEO, Mirantis OpenStack is on a tear. Or so it seems. Yet critics are quick to point out the run-away success of public clouds and the small number of OpenStack deployments running big workloads. And how do application developers feel about OpenStack anyway? The talk offers a different way to look at OpenStack, along with a few ideas how to increase the odds for a landslide win.

Lightning Talk Bill FranklinV.P., OpenStack and Technology Enablement, HP Converge Cloud, HP

Fireside Chat

Is open source cloud a winner-take-all game?

  • Gary Chen (Moderator) | Research Manager, IDC
  • Marten Mickos | CEO, Eucalytpus
  • Steve Wilson | VP & Product Unit Manager Cloud Platforms, Citrix Cloudstack
  • Jim Curry | SVP & GM of Strategy & Corporate Development, Rackspace

As open source makes cloud both free and frictionless, does it need to be a winner-take-all game? read more…

Big proprietary platforms are fueling the cloud arms race, as open source cloud projects are tacking between innovation and alliances. Kumbaya is boring, but is it necessary to get cloud right? Or does innovation mandate competition at all costs?

Fireside Chat

If OpenStack is so awesome, why doesn’t every enterprise run on it?

OpenStack can solve cloud problems and datacenter problems. Can it do both? read more…

Skeptics ask that it first prove itself useful for today’s enterprise infrastructure. But that could be too backwards-facing, with today’s enterprise infrastructure focused on yesterday’s problem. Can OpenStack succeed without more enterprise adoption? Or is enterprise infrastructure destined for slow death unless it makes its cloud bets on OpenStack?

Fireside Chat

Open Source Business Models: Open Core, Open Everything or…

When it’s free/libre/gratis, who gets to keep the money? Open source software is now the norm, not a niche. read more…

Its broad adoption as a defacto standard has exposed enormous unexploited inefficiencies. The breadth of OpenStack adoption will create new forms of monetization, even if you don’t know what they are. Giving up on finding “the next Red Hat” or the “next Cloudera” might mean you’re looking in the rear view mirror.