Let’s Get Real About Agile at OpenStack Silicon Valley

By: Jesse Proudman

I’m biased, of course, but I think everybody ought to be moving from merely discussing how to leverage agile infrastructure for next-generation application development, to actually implementing these practices. After all, in our software-defined economy, anything that helps companies move faster and reduce their technology risk is of vital importance.

That’s why we’re supporting the OpenStack Silicon Valley event focused on that idea.

Distributions, You’re Doing it Wrong…
As a part of the “Agile Deployment” track, I have the honor of participating in two afternoon sessions. In the first, I’ll be joining Dave Boucha of SaltStack, Chris Hoge of Puppet Labs, and Monty Taylor of HP as we talk about deployment tooling and the architectural approach to bootstrapping a large-scale datacenter hosting OpenStack Clouds. In this session, you’ll learn about the various deployment methodologies (distributions, PCaaS, DIY) and the pros and cons of each.

It’ll be interesting to see what we can illuminate for the audience: it’s our perspective that OpenStack distributions as a solution are approaching cloud deployment in a fundamentally skewed perspective.

Blue Box deploys a consistent architecture of OpenStack deployed as a hosted service for many customers. It’s our POV that not only does consistency matter in making the OpenStack experience reliable and performant, true cloud deployments should be done as an operated service, not as a software stack. It’s the best way to significantly increase your odds of success while limiting headaches.

I’m looking forward to a lively debate on the topic.

It’s Time To Discuss Multi Cloud Architectures
Later in the day, I’ll join Diane Mueller of Red Hat, Solomon Hykes of Docker, and James Waters of Cloud Foundry in a session called “Platforms, Containers or Something Else” to discuss how organizations are using platform and container technologies to improve agility.

Blue Box believes the equation to agile infrastructure is a simple one: OpenStack + Cloud Foundry. More importantly, we believe that the PaaS layer should exist outside of OpenStack. OpenStack should provide a strong set of core services, and companies should leverage Cloud Foundry to provide a common API for multi-cloud application deployment.

James is likely to buy into that opinion, but Diane and Solomon will argue that other approaches have equal or greater merit.

In each of these sessions, we’ll work hard to elevate the differences in our approaches, giving you clearer insights into which choice is best for your needs. Arguments among informed people who respect each other is a great way to see meaningful differences, and that’s what we want to show you.

Join us in Mountain View on September 16. Register for the event here.

We’d love to see you there.

Jesse Proudman is the Founder and CTO of Blue Box.

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