Why Is Eucalyptus Keynoting At An OpenStack Conference?

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By: Marten Mickos

I want to be an OpenStack contributor.

Back in the early days of private cloud, Eucalyptus worked closely with the folks at NASA who later developed Nova, figuring out together what open-source IaaS clouds need to look like. To this day Eucalyptus contributes Euca2ools to the entire world of cloud users. And I have been joking (while meaning it in earnest) that Eucalyptus is a big contributor to OpenStack because we contribute competition.

Now I would like to become a stronger contributor – a contributor to the success of OpenStack. That’s why I jumped on the invitation to keynote at the upcoming OpenStack Silicon Valley event. Kudos to Mirantis, for being such an open-minded, fearless and positive player in this space. Thanks to you, the world of open source is better.

Eucalyptus has in the past two years rebuilt itself to be the AWS-compatible private cloud platform that just works. Euca is the cloud that fits in a backpack and that can run inside a large datacenter. In the past weeks we have closed a deal with a key OpenStack contributor and we have beaten Red Hat in an enterprise deal. Customers love what we have. The reason? Our product is AWS-compatible, and it just works. Under the hood, we are integrating with software that we believe will play a key role in OpenStack too: RiakCS, Ceph, Midonet and others. We are doing things nobody else can do.

OpenStack, in my view, is the all-embracing cloud project that various large and small vendors package for complex and highly customized deployments. These are deployments where AWS compatibility is not a vital requirement. For instance, eBay is running a production deployment of OpenStack. They know how to tweak the software to fit their needs and they have the manpower to do so. In fact, they very much need a platform that is meant to be tweaked.

I want OpenStack to succeed. When that happens, Eucalyptus can also succeed. OpenStack is (in my humble opinion) the name of a phenomenon of enormous proportions. Eucalyptus is the name of a tightly focused piece of software that serves a unique use case. I am intent on finding and pursuing a mutual benefit.

This will allow open source to completely beat closed source in the space of cloud infrastructure software.

OpenStack, again in my view, is also facing very serious challenges not unlike those that Unix and CORBA went through in their days. It’s difficult to produce technically brilliant products when governance is shared among very large corporations, each one with their own agenda. In an all-embracing collective it is difficult to say no to new ideas, but “no” is a vital component of designs that win. OpenStack must also pay close attention to fragmentation tendencies. Certain degrees and forms of fragmentation are not harmful (they may even be useful), but others can slow down adoption and confuse users.

This is what I will be keynoting about. I hope to see you on September 16th in Mountain View.

Marten Mickos is the CEO of Eucalyptus

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