A Nod To the Past; Eyes To the Future

By John Dickinson

It’s fitting that the upcoming OpenStack Silicon Valley community event, which we at SwiftStack will be attending, is at the iconic Mountain View Computer History Museum. In the tech world, we typically keep our eyes toward the future. But as we gather next week, we should take a moment to appreciate how innovation has moved our society forward in great leaps and bounds.

OpenStack is becoming an important part of history, but just a few years ago it was a simple joint project led by Rackspace and NASA. Today, it’s a global network of thousands of coders, computer scientists and IT experts looking to make technology better for everyone.

Since my world revolves around bringing object storage and Swift to the enterprise, I’m looking forward to hearing from Martin Fink, EVP and CTO at HP, address the realities of OpenStack’s impact and penetration on this huge market. The mere fact that Martin will be there talking about this issue speaks to the role OpenStack has and more importantly will play on the business world moving forward.

At SwiftStack, we’re seeing positive validation on this front, evident via our work with innovative organizations such as Ebay, Pac-12 and Budd Van Lines. The big takeaway from our customers is that they want simple, enterprise-ready and customized storage solutions. As a leader in the Swift community, we’ve directly benefited from OpenStack and know its going to be a big part of our success in the future.

We’re still in the early days of this huge sea change in how OpenStack will benefit the enterprise, but you don’t have to look too far back to realize we’ve accomplished so much already. The future looks pretty bright from where we sit.

We’ll see you all next week in Santa Clara! Oh, and if I don’t see you in one of the many great breakout sessions, stop by our SwiftStack booth. For those that played with us at the OpenStack Atlanta summit, we’re making our delicious cocktails again.

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