From Star Dust to Planets—The Critical Role of OpenStack

By Dr. Angel Diaz
VP of Cloud Technology & Architecture, IBM

Dr. Angel Diaz IBM

We all know the truth about open source—it’s about the Community and Culture supporting the Code. Without all three Cs, the universe could indeed collapse and we lose the full potential and innovation of an open source initiative like OpenStack. This is why IBM is so excited to be a sponsor and participant in the second OpenStack Silicon Valley, bringing together passionate Stackers to discuss the hottest topics in OpenStack today. This cultural experience gives community members an important opportunity to discuss, debate, and innovate on important topics such as containers, security, orchestration, and web services.

Why OpenStack Silicon Valley?

As a founding and platinum sponsor of the Foundation, IBMers share the passion and are proud and excited to share the stage with other leaders to discuss and wrestle tough topics.  This event has all of the right leaders to dive into important topics such as enterprise security, strong upstream policy, interoperability requirements and testing (defCore and Refstack), Heat orchestration, and the ever-important user experience. We look forward to engaging with the leaders of OpenStack in this forum to strengthen and grow the community and culture so vital to the long-term success of OpenStack.

IBM @ Silicon Valley

Similar to our ecosystem partners, we look forward to bringing valuable content to this event to continue to challenge and grow the OpenStack community. In addition to our keynote focused on the importance of Code, Community, and Culture, we look forward to crystal ball gazing with our OpenStack PTLs in our sponsor session. We’re going to challenge our PTLs to make some predictions about the future of OpenStack based on their deep experience working on the project teams. Like our partners, our PTL leads are some of our most valued community members, so we are excited to give them a stage to make some predictions and engage the community in compelling discussions. We’re also excited to engage with the community 1:1 in the expo hall where we will have the opportunity to showcase the IBM Cloud portfolio running on OpenStack.

Mostly we are excited about this opportunity to engage with the community, because we see open source communities like OpenStack as the opportunity to bring together star dust from across the ecosystem to build amazing planets, in a fair and openly-governed structure. Together, we can drive innovation at a pace far greater than any ecosystem members could achieve alone.

See you there!

Photo by Anthony Citrano

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