Let’s Get Practical About OpenStack

by Jesse Proudman
Chief Technology Officer at Blue Box, an IBM Company

In OpenStack-Land, we like to argue. We argue about big-picture philosophical topics, and we argue about the nitty-gritty technical details. It’s part of what makes life in an open source community so awesome and it’s part of what makes our community so special.

But sometimes all the arguing can get in the way of useful content that helps people make good decisions, understand complex issues more clearly, and get stuff done.

So, at this year’s OpenStack Silicon Valley, we’re going to get practical. Very practical.

I’m going to moderate a session called Theory vs Reality: Is Modern Tooling Helping or Hurting OpenStack Adoption? Sumeet Singh of AppFormix, Nati Shalom of GigaSpaces and Luke Kanies of Puppet Labs will join me on the main stage to talk about how operators of OpenStack clouds at scale are leveraging a diverse palate of automation tooling to simplify ops and keep clouds humming.

Our goal is to separate commercial biases from technical advantages, and help audience members better understand which tooling and orchestration approaches might give them an advantage. One size might not fit all.

Next, we’ll have a fireside chat on cloud funding. I’ll be joined by accomplished VCs Dharmesh Thakker of Battery Ventures, Vivek Mehra of August Capital and Elise Huang of WestSummit Capital. We’ll find out what VCs are looking for in the next wave of infrastructure startups, where containers and microservices rule.

Or do they? We’ll dig in and find out what’s driving Series A, B, and C deals. Are large vendors still looking for hot startups to build out their technology portfolios?

Last but not least, Blue Boxer Tyler Britten will lead a sponsored session called, “Maintaining a healthy OpenStack cloud: What does it take?” He’ll talk about tools for effective monitoring, drawing on the lessons we’ve learned operating OpenStack clouds for dozens of customers for the past several years across four data centers.

Arguing about release naming might be entertaining, but practical tips on how to run OpenStack clouds and get the funding your startup needs to succeed are far more compelling.

See you in Mountain View!

Photo by Got Credit.

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