Ubuntu BootStack and Unifying Cloud Operations

By Bill Bauman
Cloud Marketing Manager, Canonical

Ubuntu, supported by Canonical, is leading the software industry with innovative new business models that change how you procure and pay for enterprise software solutions in private clouds. With BootStack (short for: Build, Operate, and Optionally Transfer), we are bringing the on-demand consumption model of compute resources into private or hosted data centers. We set it up and manage it for you, just like the public cloud—but it’s your own private cloud. Optionally, when you’re ready, we’ll transfer the management of the cloud back to you.

Along with its valued partners and the OpenStack Foundation, Canonical already delivers technologies that help unify your private data center with public clouds—technologies like Juju for service modeling, application relationship building, and deployment, as well as Landscape for management of all your Ubuntu instances and automated deployment of Canonical OpenStack. There’s also LXD, what we consider the most innovative container technology to date. With scalability, manageability, and portability, LXD hosted machine containers are easily portable between your private and public clouds.

While many technologies now offer interoperability between public and private clouds, the business models behind them traditionally have not. Typically, companies procure and pay for enterprise software solutions in their private data center as up-front costs. In public clouds, though, the on-demand model offers predictive and budget-friendly billing—you pay for what you use. Having two different methods of billing makes it difficult for companies to compare and manage implementation and operational costs of public and private clouds.

Ubuntu BootStack simplifies the cost analysis, the procurement, and the technical configuration from setup, to installation, to on-going operations. Ease of use and ease of comparison aren’t the only benefits. Typically, there’s a tremendous cost savings. Instead of paying up-front for a fixed amount of infrastructure you may or may not use, BootStack will scale as your cloud needs grow, and you only pay when they do.

We’ll be releasing a BootStack calculator soon to illustrate the cost savings, so check back with us at http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/managed-cloud.

Photo by Flickr user n4i.

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