OpenStack: From a Community to a Movement

For the second straight year, OpenStack Silicon Valley sold out. Here are some highlights from the first day of the (very) packed conference, held at the Computer History Museum—the site of the first OpenStack Silicon Valley meetup four years ago. As Joe Weinman, author of Cloudonomics and our MC, put it: “Everyone who is defining the cloud as the platform is here, except one vendor.”

Alex Freedland, chairman and president of Mirantis, set the stage for the conference, saying OpenStack has evolved from a community to a movement. “At the age of five, OpenStack has become one of the most important platforms by mindshare in one of the most important journeys—the migration of the world into the cloud.” Two days before the event, Intel and Mirantis announced a technology and investment collaboration, signifying the importance and momentum of OpenStack. Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, announced that “after a long and intricate back and forth with the IRS, we are now recognized as a tax exempt nonprofit.” The intersection of containers and OpenStack was the theme, and to offer guidance, the OpenStack Foundation released a white paper on the topic.

Amit Tank joined Bryce on stage to talk about how DirecTV uses OpenStack. If you want to impact how America consumes NFL content (and prepare the network for spikes in demand that NFL content produces), DirecTV is a great place to work, Tank said.

Craig McLuckie of Google described Kubernetes and OpenStack together as the path to cloud native applications.

IBM chose the event to announce that Blue Box Cloud is now available in its global network of data centers, so customers can deploy and manage applications on OpenStack-based private clouds running SoftLayer.

This is just a quick summary of the morning. The event was jam packed with insights from the community. For more coverage of the event, scroll through tweets by several attendees using the hashtags #OSSV15 and #openstacksv. And check the Mirantis blog and OpenStack:Now for future posts about the presentations, including videos.

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