OneOps World Tour Stopping at OpenStack Days Silicon Valley

by Patricia Dugan, Community Manager, Walmart Labs

July is a big month for OpenStack with its sixth birthday being celebrated around the world. Because OpenStack does so much to empower Walmart Global eCommerce and our team at Walmart Labs, we’ve structured this birthday month with visits to Meetups, Days, and Summits to spend additional time with the OpenStack developer community. On the circuit is OpenStack Silicon Valley, where we’ll be giving a keynote and participating on a panel, sharing the story of what Walmart Labs is doing with OpenStack to empower business success for a large enterprise.

Three years ago, Walmart Labs purchased OneOps, an open source project which is integrated with OpenStack. OneOps is a tool which enables continuous application lifecycle management, providing a visual, collaborative, model-driven framework which improves time to market, reduces operational costs and helps businesses realize revenue quickly. [Peek at our Austin OpenStack 2016 presentation to learn more.]

Walmart Labs is committed to giving back to open source and OpenStack by making significant investments by way of resources, code and time. We hope to contribute as much as possible and help shape the future of OpenStack. To clearly define how the community would best like us to contribute, we have decided to take the question to the road.

The 2016 OneOps World Tour

The OneOps Team is headed out for its 2016 OneOps World Tour, a series of visits to various OpenStack meetups and OpenStack Days around the country, ending in OpenStack Barcelona as the Grand Finale for 2016. We’d love to schedule time to meet, share information and capture your insights to help us define a trajectory which will benefit OpenStack users. Please ping us on Twitter, @One_Ops or @patricia_dugan to connect. Here’s where we’ll be starting this week:

Tour Dates

  • July 21st: OpenStack Atlanta
  • July 28th: OpenStack L.A.
    • Director of Technical Program Management, Sean Roberts, and Patricia Dugan
  • OpenStack Days: Silicon Valley
    • Sean Roberts and Patricia Dugan
    • Keynote and Panels
      • The State of OpenStack on Open Hardware
      • What’s Next for OpenStack at Walmart
  • OpenStack Days: East – New York City
  • OpenStack Operations Mid-Cycle
    • Team Rally
  • OpenStack Days: Seattle
    • Sean Roberts and Patricia Dugan
  • OpenStack Barcelona
    • Team Rally

Looking forward to meeting you and hearing all about your experience and insights on OSS, OneOps and OpenStack. If we meet in person, just remember…selfies come with the territoryso consider yourself warned!

See you soon.



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