OpenStack and the Enterprise

By Haley Carriere, HPE Helion Cloud Marketing

As more organizations recognize that survival in this third revolution of computing depends on transforming to a multi-cloud, hybrid infrastructure, OpenStack is emerging as an essential element in a winning cloud strategy.

The growing number of large organizations already using OpenStack as a launch pad for innovation answers definitively the question of whether the platform is ready to support enterprise-grade workloads. This year, a survey of OpenStack users found that nearly one out of three OpenStack deployments is at an organization with 10,000 people or more, which, according to the OpenStack Foundation, represents a significant increase over the previous year.




Surveys are not the only way to chart the growth of enterprises using OpenStack. With every semiannual OpenStack Summit, the marketplace grows larger and more diverse as the ecosystem evolves to meet the needs of an expanding enterprise customer base. It’s a list that includes Wal-Mart, Yahoo, Disney, and Bloomberg, to name only a few.

While saving money remains the chief reason most enterprises adopt OpenStack, increasing operational efficiency is a close second.  As Bruno Zerbib, VP of Product Management for HPE Cloud, wrote a few months ago: “OpenStack software now represents a viable and compelling foundation to run a diverse set of enterprise-grade workloads at scale.”

Bruno noted that enterprise OpenStack users pioneered at-scale performance with the minimum number of people involved. And with each OpenStack release, it gets easier to expand deployments to an ever-increasing number of nodes. Large-scale enterprise deployments demand large-scale monitoring solutions. The Monasca project allows for the monitoring of thousands of physical servers and hundreds of thousands of virtual machines and containers.

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we’ve been involved in OpenStack from its earliest days. We’re proud to be top contributors to the project. We’ve invested heavily in OpenStack because we know our enterprise customers need an economical, open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution. With our partners in the OpenStack Community, we work tirelessly to make OpenStack easier to configure and manage in production so enterprises can realize the full potential of hybrid cloud.

Watch Bruno Zerbib talk about OpenStack and the enterprise at OpenStack Days: Silicon Valley 2016, August 9-10 in Mountain View, CA.

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