Turnkey OpenStack IaaS—Ready, Set, Go…

By VS Joshi, Emerging Technology Divison, EMC

OpenStack Days Silicon Valley is possibly the biggest thought leadership event outside of the two OpenStack Summits. If you are associated with OpenStack in any capacity, this is definitely one of the events to attend this year and every year.

I am particularly interested in this year’s event as OpenStack has now been around for six years and stands at an interesting phase in its lifecycle.  Its value proposition is well proven. Building a private cloud with OpenStack as the foundation brings many benefits to an organization. Several of the world’s largest brands and enterprises depend on OpenStack to run their business every day—reducing cost, increasing operational efficiency, and accelerating their ability to innovate and compete by deploying applications faster. OpenStack enables enterprises to avoid vendor lock-in and standardize on the same open platform with APIs that power a global network of public and private clouds. AT&T and Walmart have deployed OpenStack-based clouds and are some of the marquee examples.  

The wide adoption of OpenStack by these companies was possible because of the large amount of resources—technical and capital—at their disposal. However, several smaller companies that would benefit from OpenStack adoption do not have the required resources, expertise, or talent to build and maintain OpenStack clouds. The latest OpenStack user survey highlighted a lot of those challenges:

  • Determining which OpenStack projects to use is daunting. (There are 50+ projects & 20 Million+ lines of code)
  • Inconsistent maturity levels for various projects
  • Complexity to deploy and operate
  • Migration of infrastructure with every release
  • Scale limitations
  • Lack of well-documented APIs
  • Finding a team of experts who can architect, build, deliver, and maintain the infrastructure

There are a number of sessions where you can directly hear about the challenges that hinder the mass adoption of OpenStack straight from the operators, users, and implementers. You will also hear how companies such as EMC are overcoming these challenges for their enterprise customers by providing “Turnkey OpenStack,” a fully tested, pre-configured, hyper-converged solution with native management and reporting capabilities.

EMC speakers Sean Winn and Randy Bias will be leading two different sessions on Wednesday afternoon.  Sean Winn, a seasoned cloud architect and engineer who has worked with customers worldwide to help architect, deploy, and maintain their OpenStack cloud infrastructure, will be talking about cloud deployment minefields on Wednesday, August 10 at 2:10 p.m. He will analyze how a “Turnkey Solution to OpenStack” can help solve the most common and most painful deployment challenges for the majority of enterprise cloud operators.

Randy Bias, VP of Technology at EMC, is one of the most respected and well-known luminaries in the OpenStack space, whose “State of the Stack” series of presentations are renowned.  Prior to EMC, he was the founder of CloudScaling, an OpenStack startup that EMC acquired. Randy will be in a fireside chat discussion with Mike Yang of Quanta Cloud Technology and Sean Roberts of Walmart Labs, talking about hyper-converged infrastructure and “The State of OpenStack on Commodity Hardware” on Wednesday, August 10, at 2:50 p.m.  

We live in interesting times and it is fascinating to see the adoption lifecycle of various technologies, including OpenStack. This adoption is being made easy for mainstream customers by a different way of consuming OpenStack – the “Turnkey” way… Ready, Set, Go…

Image courtesy of Flickr user EFF Photos.

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