GroundWork Monitoring Gears Up For OpenStack Silicon Valley

By Thomas Stocking, Director of Systems Engineering, GroundWork, Inc.

OpenStack Silicon Valley is right around the corner and the GroundWork team will be there in full force ready to learn from the sessions and talk to our fellow OpenStack techies.

It’s rare that an open source project generates as much community involvement as OpenStack.  The last time we looked, there were 318 corporate contributors, many of whom pay dozens of employees to work on OpenStack full time. That’s why a summit makes sense — we need to know what all of these teams are doing with the project, what kind of innovations they are contributing, and how they can be used with our own implementations as well as those of our customers.

One of the best places to have a summit like this is the Bay Area. Not only is it a hub for innovation and investment, but also it is the closest US metropolitan area to Asia. Given the amount of interest in OpenStack from Asian companies (particularly Chinese companies), this makes it that much more accessible. The weather here is great too. And who doesn’t enjoy looking at all the cool things at the Computer History Museum?

GroundWork has been working with OpenStack for several years. We are contributors to the discussion of monitoring and management, especially around enabling the various APIs OpenStack uses for management to also offer monitoring data. We are eager to continue that discussion, and to help enrich OpenStack’s ability to be monitored and managed across the board as a component of an increasingly multi-cloud, multi-layered environment. That’s why we are sponsors of OSSV this year.

We will be attending, learning, and discussing the ecosystem with our partners, customers, fellow collaborators, and anyone who is also passionate about monitoring OpenStack and looking for the best ways to do so.

If unified monitoring, automation, and analysis of your OpenStack environment is on your radar, we would love to connect with you at the summit. We can even give you a quick demonstration on-site. If you’d like to meet up with us at the event, send us an email at or look for us in our bright orange GroundWork shirts! You may also request a demo anytime via our website at

Flickr image courtesy of Ron W.

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