Florian Leibert

CEO and Founder, Mesosphere

In early 2013, Florian co-founded Mesosphere, an early-stage tech start-up which is creating the operating system for “datacenter computing” — in other words, open source technology for warehouse-scale distributed computing. The Apache Mesos project challenges the quintessential ways that people think about large scale computing and data processing, resulting in a dramatic rise in utilization rates for clustered resources and significant reduction in latency for mission-critical applications, while lowering operational costs overall. The core of Mesosphere’s technology runs at companies such as Airbnb and Twitter.

As an Engineering Lead early at Twitter, Florian Leibert helped create critical infrastructure for performing Big Data analytics and search services at very large scale.

After Twitter, Florian joined Airbnb to build the data infrastructure team during the company’s rapid growth phase. While at Airbnb, he authored the popular tools such as Chronos, a highly-available distributed scheduler which drives Big Data infrastructure at a number of leading consumer Internet companies.

My Sessions

The Next Container Standard

Hahn Auditorium
First, Docker emerged as a container standard. Now, Kubernetes and Mesos are battling it out in container management frameworks. Next up? Perhaps a standard in container PaaS? We’ll take a closer look at what might emerge as a viable standard for tooling to help developers consumer containers more efficiently, in a world of disaggregated PaaS. ... Read more