Luke Kanies

Puppet Founder and CEO

Luke Kanies began writing the code that would become Puppet in 2005. As a sysadmin and consultant, he wasn’t able to find automation tools his customers could rely on, and that they actually enjoyed using. Today, Puppet is the IT automation leader: More than 30,000 companies around the world manage their data center infrastructure and deployments with Puppet. As CEO, Luke has raised $87 million to fund Puppet’s growth, and is leading Puppet as it enables organizations to adopt new technologies that will help them gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

My Sessions

DevOps: Myths vs. Realities

Hahn Auditorium
It’s become clear there are a host of myths surrounding DevOps in enterprise environments that block adoption in many organizations. In general these fears coalesce around beliefs that these practices “just won’t work for us”, in that they’re not applicable to legacy environments, traditional enterprises or hierarchical organizations and that they’re simply unworkable when enterprises ... Read more