Markus Riedinger

IT Cloud Architect, SAP

Markus Riedinger is an IT Architect Director at SAP. Serving different roles, he has been 14 years with the market leader for enterprise application software. Currently Markus is product owner in the Cloud and Infrastructure division. In the past 4 years his main responsibility is Monsoon automation and the Converged Cloud internal IaaS of SAP. Prior to that he was in charge of Architecture and Development of most of SAP’s public Web Sites, where he introduced continuous delivery and DevOps. Markus holds a business computing degree from the University of Karlsruhe (KIT).

My Sessions

Insights into SAP’s OpenStack, Running on Kubernetes in Production… For Real!

Hahn Auditorium
SAP is deploying OpenStack (Mitaka) on Kubernetes (1.2.4) to power a large portion of its cloud applications out of 13+ OpenStack regions worldwide in 2016. SAPs OpenStack deployment supports multi-hypervisor (VMware & KVM) and bare metal as well as Manila and lbaaSv2 in the same L2 network without the 4k VLAN limit. Markus will speak ... Read more