Randy Bias

VP of Technology, EMC

Randy Bias is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and futurist in cloud computing. He accurately predicted the geometric growth rate of AWS, is an advocate for open source technology and was among the first to identify the 30-year shifts from mainframe to client/server to cloud. Randy popularized the pets vs. cattle meme as a construct for describing the fundamental difference between how enterprise stacks and cloud stacks are managed.
Randy is a pioneer and early, vocal advocate for the OpenStack project, and has led teams that achieved numerous cloud firsts, including the first public cloud in Korea, the first global carrier NFV cloud, and the first “cattle cloud” for a Fortune 5 company. Randy led the open sourcing of products within EMC, where he runs a strategic R&D team focused on developing open source contributions.

My Sessions

The State of OpenStack on Commodity Hardware

Hahn Auditorium
In the early days of OpenStack, the marriage of open cloud software with “open” or commodity hardware was seen as one made in heaven. But six years in, is commodity hardware gaining ground in enterprise OpenStack deployments, or do these customers still prefer traditional vendors? If so, why? Are BOMs that mix commodity and proprietary ... Read more